Advantage Promotional Systems, Inc. ( APS) designs promotional software to meet casino marketing needs. APS provides software that is highly dependable and easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. Software is designed specifically for each promotion based on rules and guidelines. This allows the casino marketing team to utilize their time and resources designing the “ideal” promotions for their market, without having to limit their creativeness due to specific software capabilities or limitations.

Most all of APS software is designed to utilize your Players Club cards. This gives you the ability to know who is participating and allows you to determine the patterns of specific customers. Also, at any time during the promotion, or after the promotion has ended, you will have access to the details (account #, date, time, prize awarded, cash won, etc.) of each account that participated. This information will be formatted such that you can easily import the data into Excel, Access, and most other database programs.

APS has designed many customized “instant win” type promotions for clients. These type promotions allow you to award your customers for their visit while, at the same time, preventing customers who have already participated from “double-dipping”. Based on account numbers, the software can be designed to limit the number of times an account can participate in a period of time. For example, you could allow the customer to participate once per day, twice per day with a specific amount of time that must elapse between each, once per promotion, or any other combination or logical configuration of requirements. The instant win component allows you to specify how you want to distribute your “wins”. You can provide the number of each instant win item that is available and the software will only award that number of each item. Or you can provide a matrix of percentages that you would like for the software to base the instant wins on. Either way, or with a combination of each, the program will utilize the APS Random Number Generator, which is GLI approved.

Virtual Entries and Drawings are a specialty of APS has been furnishing virtual drawing software for a number of years, and to the best of our knowledge was the first company to provide this capability. By using virtual entries, you don’t have to worry about having entry tickets printed. Also this prevents someone from accumulating discarded tickets and using them to have an unfair advantage of being drawn. Based on promotional rules, APS design software to award “free” entries to customers when they swipe their player’s cards. You can also reward your customers by allowing them to earn additional entries based on their recorded slot / table play. Each time a customer swipes their card, the display will show them how many entries they have accumulated. You can require your customers to “activate” their entries by swiping their players’ card on the day of the drawings. This greatly increases the chance that the winners drawn will be present. The drawing process uses the APS Random Number Generator, which is GLI approved.

Instant win promotions and Virtual Entry and Drawing promotions can be combined into one package to allow your customers to receive an “instant win” and virtual drawing entries from the same swipe. Utilizing your touch screens, we can also provide software that will allow your customer to “truly” participate in the promotion by having the customer touch a symbol or logo displayed on the screen to reveal their instant win. This gives the customer some feeling of control and is very popular with the customers. APS provides software to meet many other needs of casino marketing. Whether you need slot tournament or blackjack tournament registration, voucher printing, participation tracking of special events, using invited list to allow only a certain group of customers to participate in special promotions, or any other casino promotional software need, APS has the experience and ability to provide you with the consultation and software to meet those needs.

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